Parrot Toys for your birds entertainment






Totally hand made high quality Parrot Nest Box/ sleeping Box.

Condition is New. (hand built to order) Pinned and glued.

The picture in the listing is my own African Greys box,

The item you recieve will be brand new,comparable with the pictures of my bird box listed'

please note the sale does not include the AFRICAN GREY.

These can be made to you own spec. please message me for a quotation.

the box pictured is 18" x 10 x12 made with 3/4" wood all round.

The box hangs onto the outside bars of the cage with L SHAPE clips, 

you bend the  clips over the cage bars to secure the box.

The nesting hole of the box is in the position of a feeding hole with the door removed,

( my cage has 3 feeding doors) 2 on 1 side, and then 1 removed as in the main picture above.

we can make any size to order, please email us for a quotation or send us your requirements. for a quotation.

due to high demand shipping may be a few weeks,approx 5 days but i will keep you up to date on your order.

Dispatched tracked.